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Cartridge Reloading.

Why reload?

Normally the single biggest reason for initially considering to reload is to save money. 

For metallic cartridge shooters (e.g. rifle and in the good-old-days pistol) the savings have always been significant.
However, ask any rifle man why he reloads and he will probably also say "accuracy (my home loads are better than commercial ammo) and enjoyment".

Shotgun cartridge reloads are the equal of any commercial product. Because you will be assembling exactly the same  components* as they do and in the process you will (hopefully) gain further enjoyment from the sport and yes possibly save money, depending on what you are reloading.

* Generally the only exception to this is the lead shot. For a lot of home loaders make their own shot.
Why? Because you can unlike the other components (that you cannot make at home) and it adds to the enjoyment of reloading. Making shot at home is not new. Search the web and you will find several forums offering information and several DIY and one USA made commercial shot maker. 

Can all cartridges be reloaded?

Yes 12ga, 20ga, 28ga and .410 are very popular to reload.  

Reloading Machines?

The Lee Load-all is a good entry level press but only available in 12ga, 16ga and 20ga. 

The MEC is more expensive and better engineered but both give excellent results. All American machines are designed and supplied for use with plastic wads. Fibre wads can easily be reloaded in the machines but the process is a little slower than using plastic wads. 


Cases are normally free, just ask your local clay ground. but small gauges may be harder to source and hence some use MagTech brass cases especially when reloading 410. However these type of cases have two significant limitations.
Due to the Violent Crime Reduction Bill (VCR) you will need a Firearms Certificate (FAC) to purchase from an RFD the primers used in brass cases, also if loading fibre wads both the driving wad and cards will need to be oversized e.g. 12gauge will need 11gauge wads. 
A useful web site for the .410 shooter is 410resource.

How much money can I save reloading cartridges? Is there really a saving?

Unlike some other component sellers/websites we are open and honest regarding home loading 12gauge budget clay pigeon cartridges.

Our competitors claim that if you reload a FAST 12gauge 28gm cartridge then significant savings are possible,
well, none of our cartridges are slow! And FAST or SUPER FAST is not necessary best, for speed without a decent pattern is useless especially given that the small shot size used in clay cartridges loses its initial muzzle velocity very quickly (e.g. see Ballistics what its mean to the gun in the field).

But sadly in practice little or no savings are possible when reloading 12gauge 28gm loads to make a budget club clay pigeon cartridge unless you make your own shot. But the pleasure and satisfaction in dusting clays with your own brand of cartridges is priceless.  

The 12gauge 28gm club budget clay cartridge are the "bread and butter" for the manufacturing industry and competition among the many manufactures and retailers is extreme and hence price is extremely competitive.  

However when buying commercial shot savings are possible;

If you shoot an expensive competition clay cartridge
shoot game loads in 12ga, and the heavier the load the greater the savings
or shoot other gauges (20ga, 28ga, .410) then significant savings are possible provided a ready supply of used cases are available.

Or if loading slugs then again significant savings are possible.