Folkestone Engineering Supplies 

Frequently Asked Questions.

1.  Do you stock American wads like Winchester?

Currently we do not stock American wads due to their very high UK price compared with EU products.
We believe reloading is very price sensitive and customers are looking for value-for-money (and quality) when buying components which is what we aim to provide.

2. Do you stock American Powders like Alliant? 

Yes and No! we can get nearly all American powders to order, BUT again their price is normally more per pound that the EU powder is per KG. 

3. You list no steel shot wads or steel shot.

We currently focus on only lead shot components but work in partnership with Steve for steel shot supplies - Non Toxic Wads.

4. I have this wad or this powder where can I get load data?

We list load data (or links) for the powders we stock and always try and help with data requests when we can.
Certainly one big advantage of American powder is the vast amount of load data available. EU powder is principle aimed at cartridge manufactures who have ballistic testing facilities available to enable them to develop a load. However this is slowly improving e.g. the recent introduction of Ramshot powder within the UK made by PB Clermont Belgium is an example of this.  
The Birmingham Proof House will for a modest fee test your home loads. We are also pleased to receive any proofed load data from customers for publication on are website. 

5. Which  reloading press is best?

No right or wrong answer to that,  a lot depends on budget available, caliber of cartridge and quantity that you want to reload.  Most enter the hobby with a simple Lee or MEC press both of which do a good job.  

6. How easy is it to make lead shot at home?

Always and interesting question!  you can make lead shot using a very cheap and simple steel tray with a few tiny holes drilled along  one edge. Weld a little ramp so the shot falls on to in and then drops into coolant. Finally place lead in the tray and heat with a blow torch to melt the lead. Job done? search the web and you will find lots of examples.
Shot making is more of an art than a science but to get good quality, round dimple free shot it helps to understand the science!   

7.  What future does UK reloading have?

Crystal ball time? regretfully shotgun cartridge reloading will probably always be a minority  activity with the UK shooters.  Increasing cartridge prices has resulted in more interest in reloading but compared to other countries reloading remains the pursuit of a wise and dedicated few in the UK.