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Shotgun Cartridge Loading Components & Tools

Home load and shoot more for less!
Especially in small gauges or heavy 12ga loads.

Sadly replacement stock is very slow to arrive and we are seeing
significant price increases in the cost of components.

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Why reload? How Much Money Can I Save?
Powder, Primers - Price List.
Lead Shot -
Price List
Non-toxic Shot

Wads, cards, obturators and discs: 
12ga Plastic Wads - Price List.
    12ga & 20ga  Fibre Wads - Price List.
    16ga Fibre Wads - Price List.
    20ga, 28ga and .410cal - Price List.
Primed cases & Cartridge Boxes - Price List
Cork Fillers/Packers - Price List. 
Tooling - Crimpers, Cutters, Wad splitter etc.

Lee Slug Moulds.

Lee Load-all.

SIMPLY reloading press.

Delivery Charges and Order Information.

Suggested Loads  - case, powder, wads, shot.
Frequently Asked Questions
Shot Maker - My Journey

Proof report, why and what example.

Gualandi Products (wads/card & load data tables).
B&P Wads.

B&P Charge lead/wads heights.
External Link -
Non Toxic Wads.

English Shot Sizes.

Brief History of Shot Making.
Powder Burn rates table.

Interesting high speed video of shot leaving the barrel.
In Italian - B&P the Italian story of powder & shotshells
- stick with it, some interesting insight to powder and
cartridge production.
ICI - Nice film from 1959 - Ardeer Factory
Ballistics what its mean to the gun in the field


Prices/specification are subject to change without notice.
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